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Welcome to Olive Tree Mediation, where we offer professional mediation services to help resolve conflicts and find peaceful solutions.


Our team is dedicated and trauma-informed, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Given the nature of mediation, we prefer to offer in-person mediation services. We are open to considering remote mediation via Zoom for some situations. Depending on the distance and our capacity at the time of the request, we may be available to travel regionally, domestically, and internationally to offer in-person mediation. 


We understand the destructive impact of unresolved conflict and have a calling to engage in peace-making to restore relationships.


Message us to book a free consultation to explore the best path for reconciliation for you.

  • Perfect for small groups & families experiencing conflict.

    $300 for 1-3 hours
  • We'll help resolve conflict by promoting clear & gentle communication

    $1500 or $300/hr
  • We'll help your community find purpose and consensus amidst conflict.

  • Enhancing relationships, preventing disconnection, etc

    Varied Cost
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