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Olive Tree Mediation is dedicated to bringing peace and unity to conflict. Our leadership experience, training, skills and graces have uniquely marked each us for the work of peacemaking.


After noticing destructive and unresolved conflict in so many spaces, we found each other and collectively sought out training by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

We follow the teachings of Jesus, who unites incredibly diverse people by His unifying Spirit. Part of our founding motivation is to provide solutions and healing in the greater, collective Christian church. We are passionate about brokering unity and peace in "the body of Christ."

Our mediation practice is not limited to Christians, though. Everyone is welcome at our table, regardless of religious beliefs or affiliation, and our process can be tailored to your preferences. 

We created Olive Tree Mediation to offer a safe space for your voice to be heard, to give agency to all parties involved, and to potentially reach agreement and healing in your relationship. As trauma-informed peacemakers, we will listen to both sides of your dispute while sensitively promoting understanding and agreement.

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