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Large Group Mediation

We'll help your community find purpose and consensus amidst conflict.

  • 20 hr
  • $250/hr
  • Location to be determined.

Service Description

The purpose of large group mediation is to help a broader community find purpose and consensus in the midst of conflict. This type of mediation suits groups numbering from twelve to hundreds, such as church bodies, ministries, business leadership teams, or large families. Several mediators meet with leaders individually to identify areas of conflict. Then the mediators facilitate effective communication and listening among small and large groups. This in-depth mediation method can last anywhere from weeks to months, as it progresses through much-needed stages of information gathering, listening, and reconciliation. The process is tailored specifically to each group with the goal of restoring relationships, promoting understanding, and establishing long-lasting unity. The goal is a written agreement of understanding which will guide the group moving forward. Free consultation Cost: Hourly rate of $250 for two mediators. Additional costs for out-of-town travel may incur.

Contact Details


Suite 109 3150 East 41st Street, Tulsa, OK, USA

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